Many people are unaware about the big time entrepreneurs in the home inspection niche. This is not surprising as a huge focus has been given to the manufacturing, marketing and technology start-ups. It is essential to have a look at some of the leading entrepreneurs in the home inspection business. One of them that has been making huge waves is the owner of Long Island home inspector company Advanced Home Inspections LLC, John Thomsen. John began his career as a teenager while understudying his Uncle who ran a Pawn shop. His foray into the world of home inspection has brought many positive turns for the industry.

John started one of the first school for individuals to be groomed as professional home inspectors. In his words, he said – “We can define the future by the actions we take today. One way in which we can raise the bar of our profession is to sharpen the effectiveness of the men that we have on the field.’’ He has been instrumental in organizing conferences that attracted major players from all areas in the New York Market. John believes that with a consistent approach to good training, there is nothing that can stop the home inspection business from reaching the zenith.

Also, Smith Macaulay is another enterprising entrepreneur in the Home inspection market. He has built one of the most successful companies that cover three US States. When he was recently asked the secret of his success, he stated that he has a passion for the things he does. According to Smith, he was convinced that the home inspection business was a fit for him and he was poised to run an organization that exemplifies his values. He is one of the keynote speakers at the Home inspection industry conference that is held on an annual basis. One of his favorite quotes is “We are on the verge of changing the face of America for good and it is in the hands of Home inspectors to make it happen.’’

Picture of a home inspectorFurthermore, Jesse Stevens is another major player that is making a difference. Jesse is the founding owner of the Long Island Home Inspection Pros – a company at the forefront of the inspection industry in New York. He began the Long Island home inspection over two decades back. He has been able to build a strong brand that has helped many home inspectors find their feet. Allison states that he will not relent in helping the home inspection industry hold its rightful place. He said that he will never have amounted to anything if not for the success he found in the home inspection industry. He stated that “We know that the best minds in the real estate niche are home inspectors and I am yet to see anyone who can convincingly disprove this assertion.’’

The owner of Backley’s Home Inspection Company, Shane Backley has been pivotal in shaping the industry. He recently sponsored some students on a trip to Washington to learn more about the policies that shape the national home inspection market. He believes that when entrepreneurs invest in young minds, they are building for posterity. Shane Backley said he will never relent in helping people discover the endless possibilities that abound in the home inspection industry.