Hotels Are Superior To B&B

Travelers have more options than ever for their accommodations. Wherever you wish to go, there will be several places where you can stay in comfort throughout the trip. Hotels are still king when it comes to hospitality but there are several competitors that are worth looking into. For example, you may want to research Hotels in Farnborough as well as Bed and Breakfast facilities in the area. Here are some of the key differences that you should keep in mind:

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Room Availability

Hotels are usually a lot bigger than other types of accommodation. They have big investors which means that they can build more rooms for their guests. If you are going with friends and family, then you might need to book several rooms during your stay. B&Bs may not always be able to provide that since they can fill pretty quickly. You would have to make reservations early to get a space, especially during peak season.

Dining Options

Another great thing about hotels is that they can provide your every need within their walls. You don't have to step outside if you are hungry because there are plenty of dining options inside. Call the front desk and order a burger, a bottle of wine, fish and chips, or whatever else you have in mind. With B&Bs, the options are limited. They may serve breakfast but nothing more substantial for lunch and dinner. This could be an issue in bad weather or when you're simply too tired to go out.


Hotels have multiple amenities for their guests to enjoy. These include high-speed Internet so that people can still do their work or talk to their loved ones. There may also be a hotel gym where they can do their exercise to stay fit and healthy. Those who are training for a marathon or trying to lose weight can stay on track. They could pick up guests from the airport, offer a laundry service, have an in-house doctor, and much more. Few B&Bs have this level of service.


The location of hotels is often more strategic as well. They are generally built around business districts and other areas that get a lot of foot traffic. They are near bus and train stations. There will be plenty of restaurants and stores for a quick bite. Although the rooms cost more per night, they can save you money in travel expenses.